Living Hope supports a ministry in the Philippines run by Rolando and Sarah Domingo that exists to bring relief support to extremely impoverished children and families in a variety of locations. Each “feeding site” has some connection to a local church or Christians and seeks to give very basic support of small meals and limited medical and school supplies as possible. On our trips to the Philippines we include visits to the areas they work in primarily in the Zambalas area with the Aetas, or indigenous people in that region.

A visit to their work can change your life and help you catch God’s heart for the poor.

A brief update from Sarah; Here are our activities for the last 3 months. First,we had our different sites for feeding the kids and we thank the Lord for this ministry and with the help of your church we were able to feed all these kids. We spent 3k every time we have our feeding. Second we were able to respond to the flood in Cabangan where people who was affected evacuate to the school. We feed them and gave some relief packs. Third, we conducted also a Leadership seminar for our tribal pastors and workers in the church and invite a resource speaker. We provide the pastors also with breakfast and lunch. That was 2 days seminar. This coming Tuesday we will be having our semestral break activities for the kids and we will be giving them lunch and some giveaways. We will do this by faith as the Lord provides. We just want yo thank the Living Hope church for supporting us in doing this ministry. God is faithful and He is good all the time. Bless you guys for all your help. Here is the photos for the last quarter. Blessings!