A developing Ministry extension of Living Hope’s is to be available to be invited into churches and ministries beyond our local scene. Ephesians 4 demonstrates that there are some ministries that God gives as gifts to the wider body to help strengthen and mature local churches especially. Most of what we are involved with is in relational partnership in the context of New Covenant Ministries International and friendships we have there. We are focused primarily on Jesus- our King and His Kingdom so we are also open to God’s leading wherever that may take us.

At the moment this is being expressed mainly through Dale & Angela going personally and starting to take teams with them. We want our church to catch the Big Picture of Jesus’ Kingdom and realise we are all called to go wherever He may send us. It’s exciting. And stretching! For a local church to do this successfully we need a strong team at home and we are fortunate to have this in our leadership teams. For our members, please support what we are doing – especially by praying – but also perhaps going? Pray for what we are up to in 2021.

Upcoming Trips: