Welcome to first time visitors!

We hope you find the information you need on our website which is one of the major ways that we communicate what we are up to.
It’s also a platform for sharing our vision and values. You can find mp3’s and podcast links from our Sunday messages,
upcoming events, ministry areas and contact details for our pastoral and leadership staff and lots more…

If you don’t know Jesus Christ, perhaps you are thinking there must be more to life and maybe you’re starting to ask the Big Questions.
Why not check out a couple of our video testimonies or consider contacting us for a chat, attending a Pub Church or perhaps one of our
Careforce courses which are designed specifically for people looking for answers.

If you would like to watch a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we recommend
you watch this 30 minute video clip – HERE

If you are a Christian and looking for a church home a website is a discreet way to check out a local church to get a feel for
what they are on about. If this is you and you have further questions please contact us via this page.

Every few months we have a NEW PEOPLE’S time for the purposes of getting to know one another better-
this includes a brief over view of Living Hope Church, it’s history, partnership with NCMI, some core values and time for Q&A
on any questions people may have.  Contact Ruben for more information. 0413 505 993